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2D/3D Hologram Kinetic Movement

Kinetic movement hologram image can be made both by 2D/3D and dot-matrix type hologram. 2D/3D hologram kinetic movement comes from a sequential different viewing angle hologram lines with different color separation. 2D/3D hologram kinetic movement will have good result with shining hologram image with good design having 3-6 color sperated properply. Dot-matrix hologram kinetic movement effect is more smoothly than 2D/3D kinetic movement because Dot-matrix hologram machine can have more flips with more viewing angle than 2D/3D hologram lab. With our special digital Dot-matrix hologram and 2D/3D hologram technology, customized design logo or graph can be incorporated onto good kinetic movement hologram-patterns.

2D/3D Kinetic Movemnet Hologram   Dot-matrix Kinetic Movemnet Hologram

This 2D/3D Hologram Label has two kinetic movement design looks like a windmill in both side of ellipse. Small oval shape curves also combine a sequential hologram lines with kinetic movment in background.


This 2D/3D hologram has one big kinetic movement effect combined 4 color lines all around whole sticker. Lots of shining slight lines create a blinking effect around logo and company name.


This 2D/3D Hologram Label has two kinetic movement design looks like a windmill in both side of ellipse.Small oval shape curves also combine a sequential hologram lines with kinetic movment on surface.


These 2D/3D kinetic movement image made by 2D/3D hologram lines with sequential color separation.only can produce rotation effect or illusory zooming effect. Although these image's kinetic movement is not so wonderful as Dot-matrix kinetic movement, it's very shining and has good rainbow effect.


2D/3D Hologram design is created from flat artwork using line art by software in computer. Then we hang output film and developed glass on master lab to record image onto glass master. It contains several optical layers with 2D hologram images visually placed one behind another resulting in a 3D effect because each layer has different distance to our eyes with visual depth. Virtually any existing design or logo can be made into a 2D / 3D hologram with depth and parallax. We can work with you to create 2D/3D artwork by several type software, and also can break your existing art into color separations and layers which contain 2-4 layers and up to 6 colors.



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