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Hologram label with micro text and Nano text

Micro text or micro image in a hologram is hard to be seen clearly by the naked eye. It's close visual inspection needs high magnification to be seen clearly.

Micro text is not readable to the naked eye, only visible only through magnifier.

Nano text can be visible only through Microscope.

Micro text can be printed as repeated text wallpaper or simple letter in any particular place of hologram label. It's not readable to naked eye. To reveal it you have to use magnifying glass devices. Mostly, micro text is added into some place which area is not well-marked on hologram label. Special design micro text, such as long sentence in micro text, is high security feature in hologram. If you can mix micro text very well with other sililiar word togetehr in wallpaper text, it also is very good way to enhance your hologram security.

Micro text hologram type----Holographic Label Samples  1 2

Holographic sticker which has micro text in the logo.


Holographic sticker which has micro text near the logo. This micro text near the logo is difficult to be found and not readable to the naked eye, only visible only through magnifier.


Holographic label which has micro text in background with random hologram grating effect. It's only visible clearly with high magnification.